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Women’s Black Hybrid Chelsea Boot

I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of Chelsea boots for, like, two years. The really, really nice ones are so expensive (Alexander Wang, etc etc).

I was eyeing Everlane’s last year but the leather doesn’t look so great. The closest thing I can find that look awesome are these Zara ones — they’re beautiful and I’ll probably buy them… but there HAS TO BE something out there that I can buy that won’t break the bank (Wang) or won’t make me feel guilty — Chavie
First of all, you are not alone. The Chelsea boot is a classic style that you can wear with everything year round (or at least September through May); I’m pretty much always on the lookout for a perfect pair.

Over the past few years, the almighty Chelsea boot replica Alexander McQueen has emerged as the shoe of choice for style-minded men thanks in large part to its versatility—it’s both a stylish upgrade to sneakers and a badder-ass option than standard dress shoes. But the appeal doesn’t stop there. They’re the easiest shoes this side of pool slides to get on and off; the right ones are comfortable enough to hike around in all damn day; and they can be worn with your best spanking-new suit or your oldest threadbare jeans. And the Chelsea has a pedigree both regal and rock ‘n’ roll: The shoe is widely attributed to Queen Victoria’s bootmaker in the mid-1800s, and they picked up their name a century later when London’s Chelsea cool kids started sporting them. The Beatles were soon wearing them (with Cuban heels, no less), and then The Rolling Stones. And about a minute after that, everyone else. Even Stormtroopers wore Chelsea boots in Star Wars. Despite rock ’n’ roll music falling out of favor with the masses in the past decade, the rock ’n’ roll look (distressed skinny jeans, leather biker jackets, wallet chains) has never been more popular—and neither have Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots are defined by two important details: an ankle-hitting height and an upper constructed from two pieces of leather sewn together. The most common silhouette features a panel of elastic that joins the two parts together.

Other versions feature a zipper closure—whether or not those are technically Chelsea boots is up for debate, but the look is all the same. But the key element to any Chelsea boot that aspires to Keith Richards–during-tax-exile greatness is the shape of the toe. The rule of thumb: The more tapered the toe, the dressier the shoe. So you want something that’s neither severely pointy nor Women’s Black Hybrid Chelsea Boot bulbous. The ideal looks sort of like the top of an egg: round but not too round. And thanks to the ubiquity of the silhouette (you’ll find it stocked to the ceiling at any mall, and also Los Angeles’s hyper-luxe Maxfield), there’s a great Chelsea boot out there for you. Whether you’ve got $100 or $1,000 to spend on it, these are our favorite wear-with-everything Chelsea boots that you can pick up right now.

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